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05/16/2014 14:33
For most Filipinos, watching TV is known to be as one of the most favorite past times, which does not come as a surprised because Filipino TV shows are very much entertaining. It makes most Pinoys forget about their worries and problems, even if it is for a short while only. Aside from this, people...
05/16/2014 14:25
This got me to laugh:   "Alsation: How come you are always so well behaved when you go on a walk with your master? Chihuahua: It's the leash I can do!"
05/15/2014 12:41
If by chance you have not figured it out by now let me invite you in to my first blog, I'm only an honest human being. If this is your very first time in my web site, I would really like to invite you. You'll find nothing across the world I like more than running in the sand. Of course this isn't...
05/15/2014 06:40
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05/15/2014 06:39
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